With over 40 years experience, David Allan is one of the most recognised voices in the UK having worked on TV, Radio and Live Events for the likes of BBC, Radio 2 and Sky.

The distinctive Voice of David Allan has recently been heard fronting the “retro style” promotions for BBC 2 TV’s major “Seventies Season” which ran on BBC 1, BBC2, Radio 2, Radio 4, and Radio 5. He is currently on SkyTV’s Military History channel, for which he also researches and writes the scripts.

For examples of both, please click on the videos on this page.

The Voice has also been projected through five decades from the heady days of Pirate Radio followed by years with BBC Television and Radio to a long spell with ITV (Carlton Television). Diversions along the way have included presenting for BBC World Service, British Forces Broadcasting Service, Saga Primetime Radio and London’s Ritz 1035 Radio, as well as a lengthy period of hosting in-flight shows for British Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Current work includes presenting and narrating on the new TV tribute to Jim Reeves, aired on Sky.

For examples of David’s radio work, please have a read through his portfolio page.

David is acknowledged as a leading authority on Country Music, having hosted Radio 2’s award winning Country Club programme throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties, as well as hosting BBC2 tv’s annual coverage of the Wembley Country Music Festival for an incredible 21 years. Among his many awards in this field is the prestigious Country Music Association of America’s International Broadcaster accolade, as well as being made an Honorary Citizen of Nashville, Tennessee.

As recently heard on BBC, as part of a “70’s Celebration”: